Spectators are always welcome on the stages, and we put together a special spectator stage to give you the best experience and views of the cars.

Kennisham comes with full facilities and support, and most importantly gives the safest way to see the action.

Directions to the stage can be seen fron the Spectator Stage Access Map

Parking is available £10.00 per car by programme only. Spectators are welcome at the official spectator areas within the Kennisham forest stage. This fantastic stage will provide you with action throughout the day as competitors will contest the stage twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Saturday 8th April 2017 – TIMINGS

START: Minehead Sea Front, Warren Road, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 5AP
First Car Due: 08.01

The stage will be run twice during the day, the times are approximate as follows:
The Chargot stage is also accessible from the Kennisham stage car park but needless to say these locations will involve some walking on forest tracks and paths. There will be an easy option and a more energetic option available. Chargot will run at approx 09.30 and 14.20.

FINISH: Minehead Sea Front, Warren Road, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 5AP
First car due: 15.45

The event is pleased to return to the seaside town of Minehead which hosts Rally HQ and the service area for all competitors. The busy service park for the competitors is in operation all day Saturday 8th on the seafront area. This is a fantastic opportunity to sample the atmosphere of a top level UK Rally within the pleasant surroundings of this beautiful Exmoor town.


ALL OTHER FOREST areas are out of bounds. This is to ensure the continued running of the event in the area and anyone accessing other stages is putting the rally at jeopardy. There is no access to the Dunster or Wootton Courtenay forests – backed up by official road closures.

Spectator behaviour is under intense scrutiny at the moment. We ask that you follow marshals and officals instructions and only go to the assigned areas. Please follow all marshal’s instructions and stay in safe areas behind the tape markers. Do not walk on the track after the stage goes live. Remember being in unsafe places or not following marshal’s instructions will result in the stage being cancelled and you will see nothing, ruining your days and that of others.
Here are some tips that spectators should remember at live events:
• Always keep your own safety in mind
• Park in a safe place
• Follow marshals’ instructions
• Observe and obey all event signs
• Stay within the official spectator areas
• Do not enter any prohibited areas
• Keep off the road or track
• Listen to official announcements
• Expect the unexpected.
• On rallies in particular, remember:
• Cars may run wide on corners
• Cars may cut corners
• Cars may throw up stones
• Cars may overshoot junctions
• Cars may leave the road.
• So, have fun but keep safe!

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